Google vs Turkish Competition Authority
9 January 2022

Google vs Competition Authority; The Lawsuit Filed by GOOGLE

Google vs Competition Authority (Turkish): On 10 July 2015, Limited Liability Company Yandex (YANDEX) applied to the Turkish Competition Authority regarding the contracts signed by Google with original equipment manufacturers. ...

5 May 2021

Where does President Biden stand on internet censorship?

Paul Bischoff Tech Writer, Privacy Advocate and VPN Expert Will President Biden try to censor the web? President Biden took office at a critical junction for the future of the internet. His administration must decide on issues that...

26 October 2019

5 Trends in Fintech Developers Need to Know

This article was originally published at by Emily Heaslip Fintech has become globally mainstream, with 64% of consumers adopting some sort of behavior that fuses technology with financial services. As the market becomes...

26 October 2019

19 Ways the Internet Gave Us Smarter Homes

By BroadbandSearch 19 Ways the Internet Gave Us Smarter Homes When most of us think of smart homes, we think of futuristic houses where we walk in and are greeted by the voice of a computer. “Hello (name). How are you? Are you ready...

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