5 May 2021

Where does President Biden stand on internet censorship?

Paul Bischoff Tech Writer, Privacy Advocate and VPN Expert Will President Biden try to censor the web? President Biden took office at a critical junction for the future of the internet. His administration must decide on issues that...

26 October 2019

5 Trends in Fintech Developers Need to Know

This article was originally published at by Emily Heaslip Fintech has become globally mainstream, with 64% of consumers adopting some sort of behavior that fuses technology with financial services. As the market becomes...

26 October 2019

19 Ways the Internet Gave Us Smarter Homes

By BroadbandSearch 19 Ways the Internet Gave Us Smarter Homes When most of us think of smart homes, we think of futuristic houses where we walk in and are greeted by the voice of a computer. “Hello (name). How are you? Are you ready...

24 February 2019

6 Steps to Ditching Your Debt

by everydaybythelake | Dec 27, 2018 Let’s face it — debt sucks! Keeping up with the payments means less cash to do what you really want. And, the interest makes the burden grow, often faster than your payments reduce the balance due....

18 May 2018

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

April 23, 2018 by Julian ICOs are becoming infamous – and it almost seems like everyone is launching one… But just what are Initial Coin Offerings and how do they work? This guide will teach you everything you need to know...

28 November 2017

2017 Holiday Spending Forecast: Will Be Better Than Expected

By Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA – Financial Expert @ Toptal Last year’s holiday season left retailer investors with not much more than coal in their stockings. Even after the holidays and throughout the year, Santa seemed to...

13 November 2017

Exploring the Bear Case of the Cryptocurrency Bubble

By Jonathan Sterling – Freelance Software Engineer @ Toptal (What is an economic bubble? Bubbles are market phenomena characterized by significant increases in asset prices to levels vastly above the fundamental value of that...

5 November 2017

Small Data, Big Opportunities

by Gregory Thompson – Finance Expert @ Toptal Data and analytics have fast become buzzwords of the day in the business world. One would be hard pressed to crack a journal without some reference to forward-thinking companies...

31 October 2017

Üstad; Magazine for Lawyers

Hello. We are living through times of chaos, uncertainty and pain. It is extremely important for us as lawyers to be able to define and explain what the people around us have been going through. It is the requirement of the mission of...

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